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Protein World 30 Day Challenge

Protein World 30 Day Challenge

Recently, I found out that Protein World had decided to start a Vegan Slender Blend range, which is great for those who eat a plant based diet, as most of their products contain Skimmed Milk or animal byproducts, which is not good for those who are looking for a different means of a protein intake without having to have the added animal byproducts in and it is perfect for those who suffer with different food allergies. For me I am a plant based eater so any vitamins or minerals that I am able to take during my fitness and weight loss plan is an added bonus, as sometimes this can be a struggle eating certain foods.

I have always been an avid member of Slimming World and I swear by their lifestyle plans, but I have recently felt really demotivated and lacked concentration in terms of my healthy eating and keeping fit. I really enjoyed making homemade food and cooking it from scratch, as a plant eater, most of my meals are cooked from fresh with the occasional tin here and there. But I have found that I have been reaching for jarred sauces or packets of microwavable rice (which I still have to cook on the hob). I just needed something that would help, something that I did not have to think too much about and could just go-to, grab and be on my way with.

So, what is Protein World and what does it entail?
Protein World is a brand that is not just all about the supplements, but a healthy lifestyle that enables you to keep fit whilst exercising and allowing your body the nutrients and minerals that it needs to recover from workouts. It allows you to have the recommended amount of calories to lose weight and you are able to amend to suit your body and lifestyle.

The Slender Blend is aimed at those who are looking to get fit and lose weight at the same time. For me, I want to lose weight because I want to get fit and be a lot more healthier. There are certain vitamins and nutrients that I lack with being plant based, so this enables me to have these with hardly any effort involved and all being vegan friendly too, which is a step up in their protein game!

You can lose up to 4lbs a week:
- Using meal replacement shakes

- Having post work out shakes
- Low calorie snacks in between meals

The benefits of using the Slender Blend:
- Each shake is less than 150 calories (you can add milk/ingredients to your shakes).

- It speeds up your metabolism
- There's no added sugar.
- Suitable for vegans
- It is non-GMO
- Gluten Free!

The Vegan Slender Blend (what it contains):
The Vegan Slender Blend is a bespoke collection which is ideal for anyone following a plant based diet. It provides you with essential vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients which help to improve your well being. It also promotes an increase in energy.

Vegan Slender Blend.

Created to curb those cravings and help support the development of lean, toned muscle, this low calorie, high protein shake can be used as a nutritious meal replacement as part of your weight loss program.

Vital Veggies Blend.

Packed full of micronutrients essential for the immune systemeyes, hair and skin health and overall wellbeing!

Vegan Energy Capsules.

complete vitamin product for anyone who is on a vegan diet, containing all the essential micro nutrients that can often be hard to come by whilst eating only plant based foods.

How I use the Vegan Slender Blend plan

I have been using the Slender Blend as a meal replacement for both breakfast and lunch, so I don't have to think too much about what I am going to have in terms of calories and it's very handy for on the go. They help in terms of cravings and I do find that it is very filling.

I use x2 and 1/3 of My Protein Instant Oats (Protein World are very new to plant based lifestyles) into my shaker and add 400ml of either almond milk or water. I will have this with 1 or 2 fat metabolising tablets and x2 energy tablets.

I have x4 scoops or 40g of slender blend powder into my shaker and add 400ml of either almond milk or water. I will then again have 1 or 2 fat metabolising tablets and x2 energy tablets.

The snacks I choose to eat are normally salad based, I will chop up some lettuce, cellery, cucumber, gherkins, sauerkraut and have this a couple of hours before or after my lunch, depending on how I'm feeling or if I have an exercise class that day.

This is the time where I actually have a homemade meal, a healthy one at that. I like to bulk cook, so meal prepping for me is a no brainer and I really enjoy it. I find it easy to calculate how many calories are in my meals. I will then have x2 carb blocker tablets, this basically stops my body from turning the carbohydrates I ingest from my meals from turning into sugars.

I have also got added extras such as vital veggies, acai powder, etc. But I have these as or when I fancy them. I took them everyday at the start and now I've realised, I don't really need to have them all that often, because I eat quite a lot of vegetables as it is. Just need to try and get some more fruit into my diet now. I am going to try and post about my journey weekly, as I would like to show you my results. This will mainly comprise of Instagram photos, as I set up an
Instagram Account which you can follow if you like.

Have you ever tried the Protein World lifestyle?

This is not a sponsored post.

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