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Planning Tips When Travelling

As some of you may know (or if you're new to my blog), I went to the USA last year to visit the beautiful city of New York, which will have been my second time going. I have never really travelled far before and most, if not all of my holidays have been within Europe, with the exception of Turkey. My longest flight I have taken in my life has been between 4/5 hours, so anything above that is out of my comfort zone as I am not used to flying for so long. So the trip to New York is anything between 6.5 hours to 8 hours, depending on take off and tail winds. If you have strong tail winds, you're lucky and will get their earlier than expected!

I travelled with Delta airlines, as I had travelled with Delta before and their customer service is literally next to none. American air stewards and stewardesses are literally the most polite people I have come across in terms of customer service, they made me feel so comfortable, welcome and made the flight enjoyable. With the flight being long haul I was offered meals and constant flow of drinks of my choosing. I did have a few cheeky wines, I won't lie.

When it comes to planning what to take with you on holiday and when travelling is pretty much straight forward if you are going on a beach holiday; sunglasses, swimming costumes, suncream and after sun cream and you're pretty much set to go! But when you're travelling to a city with the suitcase allowance being 33kg, there is so much you can take, but you don't want to try and take too much in case you go over your limit, so I was super careful when I first went. I found it helped writing lists of what to take, so you could tick off as you go and make sure you don't forget anything when you go.

The essentials to take:
Passport, you will definitely need this before getting into any country! If you're visiting anywhere like the USA or the like, you will need to make sure you have the correct documents which give you permission to land into the country, without these. you will not be able to enter the country. I got an Esta for the trip and they last for 2 years, so if you plan on going again in the next 2 years, you will not have to fill another one in. Make sure you have the correct Visa's and double check documents before you travel. You will also have to print out your flight details, these are always a must before checking in and they will give you a print out of your boarding ticket, unless you can print these out yourself. They will also give you a card on the plane to fill out, which you will only need to fill in once if you're a new traveller.

What clothes do you need to take with you?
Firstly, before you start chucking clothes into your suitcase, you will need to check what the weather is like in the country that you are visiting. Most people who book a holiday abroad will more than likely be travelling for the sun, sea, sand and sangria. But, if you're travelling to a city, the weather isn't always going to be the same all week. As for me, it was sunny, windy and rainy, so you need to make sure you're packing the right clothes for the week and taking plenty for changes too. You're more than likely going to get a larger allowance than what you would have for a short haul flight, so take advantage of the space. But you need to make sure you weigh your cases before you go as you can get charged extra for going over your allowance.

If you're going anywhere that requires a lot of travel and walking, make sure to take a few comfy shoes, as this will keep your feet from getting any blisters and I learned this the hard way, when I had to cover my feet in plasters. Also, make sure to take both warm clothes, cold clothes and a couple of jackets so you are able to adjust to the weather, as it can change very quickly. It was very hot when I went, but then it absolutely tipped it down with rain one of the days, after it had been sunny for most of the day. I got absolutely drenched.

How much money should you take and how?
This all depends on how long you are planning to go for. For me, $1000 dollars for a weeks stay, which was on a pre-paid card, as this made it easier to take, rather than carrying cold hard cash around. So this was $500 for each person, which gives you $71 dollars a day for food, drink and anything else you want to buy whilst you are there. You do not have to limit yourself, but try not to overspend else you'll find yourself without any money really quickly. I'd recommend just taking a bit more if you're planning on doing any excursions, trips or going out anywhere fancy to eat, just to treat yourself! Personally, if you want to treat yourself, I would take that little bit extra!

Extras to take with you that will help:
Cooling spray is a must have when I go away, I get grumpy if I'm too hot and I have an allergy to the sun, so I will come out in a rash and will get very itchy, so I find it helps to cool myself down during the day so it doesn't bother me too much. I will also take anti-histamines just in case! This will help with any allergies that you do have and will keep the rashes, sneezes, runny eyes/nose at bay. Taking suncream is a definite yes, this will help you from burning in the hot days and will protect you from the harmful UV rays. You will need to buy international plugs for the US or whichever country you will be travelling to, as you will find you won't be able to use any of the power supplies or charge any of your electric goods, so be make sure to get one! A travel pillow is fantastic for long haul flights, as you'll find sleeping on the plane is helpful, especially with the time difference, it will keep you comfy and stop you from getting stiff neck when you wake up.

Other stuff that you may or may not have to take:
Makeup, depending on whether or not you plan on wearing any. You can take anything you like, just make sure you take a good primer and setting spray for the warm days, I suggest a tinted moisturiser, so it isn't too heavy on your face. Hairbrush, hair straighteners, (hotels will normally supply a hairdryer), toothpaste, toothbrush, makeup wipes, skincare... anything you feel that is necessary to take with you.

P.S only 5 months until I go to Florida!

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