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City Break & Travel Essentials You Need

Travel Essentials
When it comes to travelling or visiting somewhere new, it can be quite daunting especially when you think about all the the items and essentials that you will need to take with you. I, myself always panic, even when I have finished packing and I'll be on the way to the airport! But as long as you pack the important and basics of items, you are good to go. There is no need to overpack to go travelling or take a short city break, as most places such as hotels contain items that you'll more than likely take with you, it is probably best to read up on where you are staying, to be on the safe side.

Most companies these days give you a luggage allowance, so you always have to be mindful of this when choosing what to take with you. When I went to New York with Delta Airlines, their luggage allowance was 23kg which is more than enough, if you're going for a couple of days or even for a week! You also have to take into consideration of what you will be bringing back with you, is there something that you can definitely live without whilst you're out there?

I am going to Orlando, Florida in September of this year and I will be going for 2 weeks and the luggage allowance with Thomas Cook Airlines is 23kg and I have been told that I will only need to take a weeks worth of clothes, as I can buy some when I am out there and probably will end up leaving some behind, depending on what I will be taking of course. There is so much I will want to bring back, so I will more than likely weigh my luggage before hand.

A passport is one of those items which is common sense and pretty self-explanitory when travelling (unless you're staying within the UK, etc), you will need this to check in, get on the plane and to get into another country. Without this important document, you shall not be going anwhere. It is definitely the first thing that I pick up when I get organised to go anywhere, I even have my own purse to put in important documents in.

It is always essential that you take the countries currency to where you are staying, as the exchange rates can differ, depending on where you will be travelling to. I always find it best to shop around for the best deal, as sometimes the exchange rate there can be a lot less for what you can get it for before you go away.

Travel Insurance / Visas.
Always essential when travelling outside of the UK, as some countries require you to get medical injections before you leave. You are also covered for insurance in case of sickness or injury when you're in another country. Also, it is mandatory in certain places such as America, for you to have a VISA or an ESTA before entering the country, so I would recommed you get these done straight away and they are valid for 2 years!

A Camera.
You will want to capture every moment when you are away. If you are anything like me, then you will be taking photographs of anything and everything. Your memories will last forever and it is great for something to look back on. I love looking at pictures of places I have visited! You could even add the Lumix G 4K Compact System Camera Panasonic to your list of Camera's you need!

Definitely take a load of over the counter medication with you! For something that would cost about 15p in the shop in the UK, will cost 10x as much in a supermarket in a different country. I found when trying to find painkillers in a pharmacy, that I would be paying nearly £2 for a few tablets. So it is definitely worth taking your own, so you're not stung with the total at the till!

Books / Magazines.
Sometimes the journey to your destination can be quite boring, especially if there is no films playing or you are on a long haul flight. My next flight will be 8 hours long, so I will definitely be taking books and magazines with me. Not only does it burn time, but it also keeps you occupied. Flights or travelling can become quite boring, even when you're not tired and everyone else is asleep around you.

iPod / iPhone.
I have to have music available to me at all times during a flight or journey somewhere. It is my only vice inbetween sleeping, reading or watching a film. Your iPhone can also work out quite handy, as some flights have WiFi, so that is another boredom breaker, although they do charge. You can also use Google Maps on your travels, if you're not quite sure where you are or where you're going, can help you from getting lost.

These are top essentials that I would not forget to take with me when travelling or going on a city break with. Everything else that you would need to take would speak for itself, such as repellent, suncream or swimwear! As for blow dryers and items like that, some hotels will cater for these, which will save you a lot of luggage space for other items. Just remember not to overpack and only take what you NEED!

*Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Panasonic. However, all thoughts, words and photographs are my own.

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