Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Meet My New Guineapig, Dewy

My Guinea Pig My Guinea Pig My Guinea Pig My Guinea Pig
I have always wanted to own Guineapigs ever since I moved into my own place, but could not really afford the expense at the start. When I first moved out, I rehomed and adopted a Syrian hamster called Bob, who is my original dude and always will be. But, I also wanted to be a Guineapig mum, as well as a hamster mum. If it was down to me, I would own all the animals in the world. I have always said when I win the lottery, I am going to build and open my own rescue centre for animals of all kinds.

My original plan was to adopt two Guineapigs of the same sex, as they do better in pairs or groups than they do individually. I had already thought of their names, which were going to be Gin & Tonic, I had everything planned out for when I was ready to get them and bring them into their new home. My friend had also purchased a hutch for the outside, for when the Guineapigs came home and had somewhere to go in the backgarden, as there is no grass and would be perfect for the summertime and can spend some time outside in the fresh air.

I had received a message off one of my friends asking if I could do them a massive favour. She had explained that one of her Guineapigs had got a little aggressive with another one of her Guineapigs and said that she couldn't keep them housed together any longer. She asked if I was willing to take in the Guineapig, as he would have nowhere else to go and she did not want to run the risk of him doing it to another one of her Guineapigs. Of which I said was absolutely fine, as I knew she would have the cage and everything to go with the Guineapig so he could be set up properly in my home. All I needed to do was purchase some hay and some food to feed him with.

So my friend took me to go pick up my new Guineapig who is infact called Dewy, he is an Agoiti and he is 1 years old. I researched the breed before picking him up and they apparently have a life span of 7 - 10 years old, so he's going to be my pal for a while! He was a bit skittish at first being with someone he has only just met and being in a brand new environment, it was to be expected. He had to have time to get used to his surroundings and his brand new pals, two rabbits and a hamster!

Dewy enjoys the company of one of the rabbits, they are now the best of friends! The other rabbit is more alpha and enjoys his own company, so we leave him to it. I also soon  found out that Dewy does not like my hamster either, but they do say not to mixed species. Luckily one of the rabbits get on very well with him, so he is not sure of friends. It has been a month since I rehomed Dewy and he's definitely a lot better than he was, he's wheeking a lot more and has started to 'popcorn' which is Guineapigs version of doing a binky or happy jump.

I am definitely very happy that I've now got Dewy in my life :)

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Joan Collins Divine Lips Lipstick - Amanda

Joan Collins Divine Lips Lipstick Joan Collins Divine Lips Lipstick Joan Collins Divine Lips Lipstick Joan Collins Divine Lips Lipstick
There is one thing that I have not done for a while and that is picking up a red lipstick when I am out purchasing makeup. My lipstick stash has got to be 80% red lipsticks now and that is no exageration. So grabbing the chance to add another to the stash was an opportunity I was not going to turn down. Joan Collins is one of those brands that I have heard of, but not actually tried anything from. I was intrigued as to what the lipstck would actually be like as first impressions. There is one thing about this brand that made me quite excited to try out this product and that was the fact that it is a cruelty free product and Joan Collins is a 100% cruelty free brand, which is good news for all you vegans out there.

Upon opening up the product, I was greeted with a patterened and textured packaging with the initials 'JC' imprinted on top of the lipstick lid. This felt quite Charlotte Tilbury-esque, as I have already owned one of these lipsticks and it was eerily similar, packaging wise. The only difference was the bullet shape of the lipstick inside. Don't get me wrong, I know some brands can be quite similar and I am not claiming that it is a copied product, but I do feel that the lipstick could have been made a lot more original and individual to the brand itself. But that being said, it does have a very luxurious and sophisticated look to the product.

The lipstick is very rich in colour and quite bold on initial application which can still be buildable, depending on what look you are going for. This is one of those lipsticks that is for those bold lip lovers out there. The finish is not quite matte, it is matte with a very nourishing feel, finish and quite moisturising on the lips with a slightly sheen to it. It glides onto my lips like a dream and I can apply it with ease to the shape of my lips. I feel this applies a lot better when there is a base on the lips and makes the colour pop. It is most definitely suited to most skin tones, I am very fair skinned and I find it does not wash me out at all.

The Joan Collins Divine Lips Lipstick in Amanda* is priced at £18.00 per lipstick, which to me is not a bad price tag, for the quality and finish of the lipstick. It is a lipstick I will be using more often of and will be creating more makeup looks to go with it. I would probably try more of this makeup range, if the lipstick is anything to go by. 

*Disclaimer: This post contains a PR Sample. However, all thoughts, words and photographs are my own.

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